Top 4 Songs from the 80s That Work Amazing with Wedding Guests

Few other decades continue to be as popular at parties as the 80s do. Partly because they span over multiple generations that can relate to the music and part simply because the music created in this decade is really catchy, the 80s continue to be a significant presence in most party playlists. Your wedding shouldn’t … Read more

Wedding Song Ideas According to Different Musical Tastes

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Your Guests Will Definitely Want to Dance if You Use These Tips

No matter how much you want people to dance and enjoy themselves at your Columbus wedding, dragging them to the dance floor (literally or figuratively speaking) is simply not a choice – they might join the dance floor, but they might not be whole-heartedly there. And that can actually damage your wedding atmosphere, rather than … Read more

These Songs Are Amazing if You’re Planning Your Wedding Anniversary

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What Are the Most Requested Wedding Songs the United States?

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Looking for Unique Processional Songs? Here Are Some Ideas

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All Weddings Need These 4 Elements

Okay, let’s face it: wedding planning isn’t (and probably will never be) easy. It’s quite the opposite of that – even psychologists say that it’s one of life’s most stressful events. It’s a truly magical one as well – and planning ahead will help you make sure your wedding day is not stressful, but blissful. … Read more

Booking a DJ? Make Sure to Not Forget about These Questions Too

Booking the perfect wedding DJ is one of the most important things you have to do before the wedding day. After all, the last thing you want is a DJ who doesn’t know what he’s doing, someone who is clearly not coordinated with your style, or someone who is downright…absent. How do you make sure … Read more

Plan Excellent Music for the Bachelorette Party

Some people may feel the pre-wedding events are not that important – and while they’re definitely not as grand as the Big Day itself, they surely contribute majorly to creating a really nice atmosphere during the wedding. That being said, what music will your (or your best friend’s) bachelorette party include? We gathered some suggestions … Read more