What Are the Most Requested Wedding Songs the United States?

Nothing can ever beat the power of good music – right, ladies and gentlemen?

Here at New Image Studio, we really love music – but what we love even more than that is seeing people have a great time on the music we mix. We bet you want to feel the same if you are planning your wedding.

What are some of the utmost popular Ohio wedding songs across the US – the tunes that keep on landing on request lists? We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find your inspiration.

  • Taylor Swift, Shake It Off. Love her or hate her, Taylor knows how to make a good song that’s catchy and inspiring at the same time. This particular tune was reported as very popular I DC, but we bet all of your guests will have a great time on this song as well. Although the message behind it may not be 100% wedding-appropriate, the music and the high energy of this song are absolutely contagious.
  • La Vie en Rose, Louis Armstrong. This song has been played in so many amazing variations that the hardest thing is not to know and love it, is to find the right version. Our suggestion is to go for Louis Armstrong – his voice will embrace you and your guests in beauty, elegance, and timelessness.
  • Perfect, Ed Sheeran. Of course, Ed Sheeran couldn’t have missed from a list of songs meant for weddings. This song is not as mellow and romantic as many of his other creations, but we guarantee it will attract your guests to the dance floor regardless of whether or not they’re big fans of dancing.
  • Descpacito, Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee/Justin Bieber. Love it or hate it, this was the musical obsession last summer – so chances are it will be requested at your wedding too. Of course, just because it’s a popular one, it definitely doesn’t mean you cannot add it to your “Do Not Play” list. However, we recommend not doing that: it’s a highly popular song that came to you first, and which is filled with really happy vibes (precisely what you need for your wedding day!).

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