Your Guests Will Definitely Want to Dance if You Use These Tips

No matter how much you want people to dance and enjoy themselves at your Columbus wedding, dragging them to the dance floor (literally or figuratively speaking) is simply not a choice – they might join the dance floor, but they might not be whole-heartedly there. And that can actually damage your wedding atmosphere, rather than energize it.

So, how do you make wedding guests want to dance out of their own will? We have some tips for you. Continue reading to find out more.

  • Mix up the music. Even if you’re a huge fan of a particular type of music, playing just that (or predominantly that) during the wedding is not necessarily a great idea. On the contrary, actually: it can become very boring even for people who actually enjoy that genre. To make sure you “touch” as many musical tastes as possible, mix up the genres – and mix up the musical decades as well, as this will help you target multiple age groups too.
  • Pay attention to that list of songs not to play. We always advise couples to give us a list of songs they don’t want to hear at their wedding – and their reasons are quite diverse when it comes to this. From the fact that some songs bring back bad memories to the fact that they simply find particular tunes very annoying, there’s always a legit reason not to want a song at your wedding. However, it is quite essential that you limit this list to only the songs you really don’t want to hear. Otherwise, the options may become too limited – and thus, guests may be less inclined to come and dance with you.
  • Spend some time to find the DJ that will satisfy all your needs. You need a DJ who is actually experienced in mixing music for wedding crowds. They know how to take it slowly and how to mix music in a way that attracts people to the dance floor (and keeps them there). So, yes, a professional wedding DJ is more than worth it!

Looking for that person in Columbus, Ohio? Contact New Image Studios and let’s talk about your Big Day and the ways we plan on making it really awesome – both for you and for your guests too. Contact us today and you will never regret your choice!

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