Top 4 Songs from the 80s That Work Amazing with Wedding Guests

Few other decades continue to be as popular at parties as the 80s do. Partly because they span over multiple generations that can relate to the music and part simply because the music created in this decade is really catchy, the 80s continue to be a significant presence in most party playlists.

Your wedding shouldn’t make an exception – so following, we have gathered 4 of the most popular and appreciated 80s songs to include in your playlist. Read on and find out more!

  • Michael Jackson, Thriller. No 80s playlist would be complete without the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Sure, “Thriller” may not be your typical wedding song – but it’s just the kind of song that shouldn’t miss from any self-respecting party playlist. Put it on and watch people go crazy over the song, because they will definitely love it!
  • UB40, Red Red Wine. Want to add a slow, beautiful song to your playlist? “Red Red Wine” is just as 80s-born as “Thriller”, but it has a soft vibe to it. It’s perfect to play towards the end of the night, when you want to see couples come together and dance on a romantic tune!
  • Tom Petty, Free Fallin’. There’s so much energy and fun to this song! The lyrics are great for your event, the voice is undeniably amazing, and the entire vibe of the song is just bound to make people air guitar and fake-sing on the dance floor. It’s a tune a lot of people at your wedding are likely to love, even if they’ve never heard it before (which is kind of hard, really).
  • Survivor, Eye of the Tiger. We’d call this the Original Power Song, because before it, there was nothing quite as strong, as energizing, and as encouraging as this song is. It’s just perfect to play when you want to gather people around the dance floor and watch them have real fun on a song that’s so 80s you simply cannot mistakenly attribute it to any other decade.

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