All Weddings Need These 4 Elements

Okay, let’s face it: wedding planning isn’t (and probably will never be) easy. It’s quite the opposite of that – even psychologists say that it’s one of life’s most stressful events.

It’s a truly magical one as well – and planning ahead will help you make sure your wedding day is not stressful, but blissful.

What are the absolutely crucial wedding elements all weddings need to be fun and filled with happy memories? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A day-of schedule. It doesn’t sound very fun doing this, but trust us on this: it will pay off. Put all the elements of the wedding day on paper, with the right timings, and make sure you stick to this. Everything should go on this schedule: from the moment you wake up, to the moment you bid your final farewell and head into the sunset. Our advice is to leave the actual day-of coordination into the hands of a pro (or, at the very worst, your Maid of Honor, mother, or other member of your wedding party). This will help you actually enjoy your wedding day.
  • Backup plans. A lot of things can go wrong – what’s important though, is that you plan for these situations. Have a backup plan for everything – from rainy days, to vendors missing from your wedding (which, by the way, should be actually stipulated in your contract with them).
  • Good photographer. You want your wedding to be captured in a beautifully candid way. But you also want to make sure your photographer doesn’t get in the way of the actual action. Hire someone experienced in dealing with weddings – they will know how to be invisible AND how to capture stunning pictures that suit your wedding style.
  • Fun, fun, fun. A good wedding DJ will help you have the most fantastic wedding day your guests have ever attended – so be sure to invest in this. Alternatively, you should also invest in other types of entertainment too – lighting, photo booth, and so on. All of these elements, brought together, will help you and your guests have the time of your lives!


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