Everything was Perfect

WOW! What a wedding! We never hired a DJ before so we didn’t really know how to go about doing it; what to look for, etc. After reading lots of reviews, Music Express sounded perfect, so we set up a meeting and they walked us through what they provide and do. We booked them for DJ, Photo Booth, and some up-lights at our wedding. We had one goal in mind, we didn’t want the wedding to be boring like some others were that we had gone to earlier in the year. After the “formal” part of the reception we wanted it to be a fun night! A few weeks before the wedding we met our DJ, Jack Wier. The meeting with Jack was fun, he wanted to find out from us how interactive he should be. On a 1-10 scale, we said 7 or 8; but read the guests. The day of the wedding and everything was perfect. The right songs played for the ceremony and during dinner. He was fun and interactive during the formal part of the reception, and then the party started. Jack was absolutely amazing! He had my shy wife out on the dance floor dancing and everyone singing along with the music. My dad was out on the dance floor dancing, and he just sat at a table talking with family at my sister’s wedding! As I mentioned above, we also had the photo booth. It was a hit! Each of our guests got a copy of the photo strip to take with them and we got an extra one to put into a photo book, which the guests then could write in. Cindy Poland ran the photo booth for us and it was so much fun!. Our venue was somewhat large and they only had 4 lights we could use, Music Express provided the other lights we needed and the venue looked amazing! Jack also had some lights that he used for setting the mood on the dance floor and it was a blast! We will certainly be calling Music Express when we want a DJ or to run a photo booth again!

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