These Are the 2018 Wedding Music Rules You Have to Keep in Mind

Times, they are a’ changin’ – and together with them, so does music (including wedding music, yes!). As we always say, all brides and grooms have the right to listen to the music they genuinely like during their Big Day. Even so, there might be some “rules” of modern wedding music you may want to hear before planning anything. Read on and find out more about this.

  • You might want to skip the line dances – or, at least, pick songs that are less common. In all honesty, people have been dancing on the classic line dance songs for decades now – so it’s quite unlikely they’re actually having fun anymore. Again – this is your decision and if you feel a good, old, Chicken Dance will put a smile on your guests’ faces, then by all means, do include it in your playlist.
  • …Which brings us to the second point. Creating a playlist for your wedding DJ is a very good idea if you want to make sure they play music you actually like. Even if they don’t get through all of the songs there, it will still guide them to know what type of music you actually want at your wedding.
  • Last, but not least, try to include fast songs, rather than slow songs. The latter ones are very romantic and they go well with the ceremony and the very special moments of the reception – but they tend to be less entertaining during the actual dance party.


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