Have You Created a Ceremony Postlude Playlist Already? You Should!

Every single song played at your wedding should reflect you, as a couple and as individuals. It should tell a story and it should make everyone feel great. Of course, you will have to consider the wedding processional, First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, and other special moments of the Big Day – but you should also make sure not to forget about the moments that bridge the major parts of the wedding.

For instance, have you created the postlude playlist already? If not, you should definitely do it – and following, we have gathered some of the best songs to inspire you in this:

  • Giuseppe Verdi, La Traviata (Brindisi piece) A true classic everyone will recognize, this opera piece is a true masterpiece from many points of view. Elevating, beautiful, classy and romantic at the same time, the piece is all about celebration – and what better moment to celebrate with good music, other than right after the magical wedding ceremony?
  • Michael Jackson, Thriller. Sure, you may not think of this as a wedding song (or at least not until later in the night, when the party is really on. However, it can be an excellent song for the ceremony postlude if you want to energize people and sprinkle everything with a bit of humor too.
  • Michael Buble, You and I. Looking for a romantic voice everyone will fall in love with? Michael Buble is what you need – and this particular song is such a beautiful choice! More than suitable for the moment!


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